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Treat Yourself Like an Animal

You know how there's this saying, "Treat yourself like you would your best friend," but that can be too hard for some people. I know it was for me, and so I say to people, "Treat yourself like you would your pet" because chances are, as long as you're not a dickhead, you are really kind to your pet. You feed your pet beautiful food. You make your pet happy by taking it to the park and going on adventures, and rubbing its tummy.

Imagine if you had a cat with a big fat fluffy tummy and you'd be like, "Oh my God. Why are you so frigging cute?" You wouldn't be like, "Ugh, you're so disgusting and fat. You should lose weight." Because you wouldn't talk to your pet like that, but we talk to ourselves like that all the time. Dougal the dog thinks that is wack!

If you hear yourself in the mirror saying, "No, this is not nice. This is disgusting. We don't look very nice." Or if you don't want to give yourself self-care or if you don't think that you're worth feeding yourself nice food whatever that may look like, then think, "What would I do for my animal?" You'd probably be kinder to them, so that is my challenge to you. Treat yourself like a goddamn animal.

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