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Sometimes a specific course of workshop isn’t the right thing for you at this moment, and that’s ok! Maybe you need just a little boost or someone to point you in the right direction and I am here to help you. A one on one session is the perfect YOU time as we can get laser focus on your one specific pain point. I can help you with:


  • Body love/body positivity coaching – how to decipher the truth about how awesome you already are when we have a wealth of sources telling us we aren’t
  • Confidence coaching – tell your inner critic to shut the hell up and learn crucial tactics to love the true authentic you
  • Eating with freedom – stressing about eating isn’t fun, be free to eat whatever you want without any guilt

Email me at  (or fill out the form below) and tell me what area you’re struggling with to see if we may be a match!

Sessions are an hour long and are held either over the phone or over Skype, whatever you prefer. Sessions come in packages, with the smallest package starting at $1200.

I really look forward to working with you and being your confidant, cheerleader and coach!

And remember, no obligation, if we aren't the right fit then I will try and point you in the right direction :)

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