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Victoria and bam pow life in the media:

  • EVENT:Bumble Canada, , Dec 2019

  • ARTICLE: Psychology Today, Are You a Success? Perspectives from Around the World, October 2018

  • PODCAST: Fashion Hags, Episode 69: BAM POW LIFE's Victoria Welsby, September 2018

  • PODCAST: Brown Chicken, Brown Cow, Season 3, Episode 4, Body Positivity, August 2018

  • PODCAST: Food Psych #162: Self-Esteem and Diet Recovery with Victoria Welsby, July 2018

  • PODCAST: Shift Talk: Fatphobia, July 2018

  • PODCAST - Anne-Sophie Reinhardt: You Don't Need to Punish Your Body Because You're Fat, July 2018

  • VIDEO - Plus! This Show: Victoria Welsby, June 2018

  • VIDEO - The Succeed Against The Odds Show: Victoria Welsby, June 2018

  • VIDEO - Lindsay Johnson, The Radical Connector, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Building an Online Business, June 2018

  • PODCAST - Love, Food Podcast: I'm Ashamed That I Can't Control My Eating or Drinking, May 2018

  • VIDEO - Authenticity is Power with Annie Woods: Victoria Welsby, March 2018

  • VIDEO - Vancouver Real Podcast: , March 2018

  • PODCAST - The Body Love Society: Never Diet Again: How to get off the diet rollercoaster, find balance and live a healthy life you actually enjoy, Feb 2018

  • ARTICLE - The Cavalier: Victoria Welsby: Badass By Definition, Feb 2018

  • ARTICLE - FabUplus Magazine: Fat IS Fabulous, Sept 2017

  • PODCAST - Fearless Rebelle Radio Podcast: Why are we so scared of fat?, June 2017

  • ARTICLE - FabUplus Magazine: Does Your Inner Critic Rule Your Life, June 2017

  • ARTICLE - Bustle: 15 Fat Babes Share Their Favorite Rules To Break, Because Wearing Horizontal Stripes Can Get Boring, May 2017

  • ARTICLE - I Like Her Style Magazine: What is Your Most Memorable Celebration, April 2017

  • ARTICLE - Hello Giggles: This body positivity website is our new fave source of self love, Feb 2017

  • ARTICLE - Bustle: Here's Where To Get 9 Body Positive Podcasts All In One Place, Feb 2017

  • ARTICLE - Borrowed by Design: Women Who Rock: Victoria of Bam Pow Life, Sept 2016

  • ARTICLE - Hello Flo: Five Instagram Influencers Leading The #BodyPositivity Campaign, Aug 2016


Victoria is a body image activist, confidence expert, Adjunct Professor at UBC and TEDx speaker. She went from being homeless, abused with self esteem that was achingly low into the courageous fat activist and change maker she is today. Victoria helps people fall in love with themselves and is dedicated to changing the way society views fat bodies.


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