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Fierce Fatty: Love Your Body and Live Like The Queen You Already Are

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This book is sad, depressing, and heart wrenching. This book is also eye opening, vulnerable, passionate, inspiring, and important. I would definitely recommend this book if you’ve ever been on a diet, or are even thinking about going on a diet. Hell, just read this book. No matter what. This book has important facts that we all should be aware of.
— Molly G.
“A fun, witty, succinct snapshot into anti dieting and fat acceptance. A great starting point for those who are sick to death of dieting,
and sick of the widespread oppression that plus sized people are subjected to every single minute of every single day. We ARE f***ing worthy. Whatever we look like!
— Steph J.C.
Fierce Fatty v2 (2).pn.png
Fierce Fatty is not only a 360-degree mirror, it goes INSIDE. Victoria tells us it’s okay to let go of what does not serve us and shows us how to forgive and love ourselves in the aftermath. This is a book for EVERYONE!
— Laura Hjelseth
I loved it! It was an insanely relatable journey through why we ever hate ourselves, reversing that and finding true happiness on the other side all as you are.
— Shirley Tittermary
Uplifting...inspiring...a must-read for anyone who doesn’t love their curves.
— Nikki Glover
It was like hanging out with my best girl friend giving me the straight truth I’ve always wanted to hear. Delightful and entertaining with just the right amount of cursing and sass.
— Kirsten Nash
I thought I loved myself until I read this book. I laughed, I cried and I realised that I needed to grow a big set of lady balls and start making changes in my life again! I’d let life sucker punch me and get the better of me and reading Victoria’s book was just the kick I needed.
Fierce Fatty provides a foundation for changing how you see yourself and your place in the world. It’s both enlightening and a swift kick in the pants.
With the revolutionary idea that an individual’s self-worth is not defined by their clothing size, Victoria takes the reader through her journey of becoming a Fierce Fatty. This easy to read book will provide readers with a hilarious, well thought out and practical roadmap to start on their own journeys.
— Holly Stubbs Fusick
I wish I could have read this when I was younger. I’m 30 now but I’ve always equated my weight with my worth. Victoria provides clarity by shedding light on where this shame stems from, and then provides the resources to recover from a lifetime of internalized fat phobia and the myth of dieting.
— Carly
I loved this book! It was straight to the point on how to move yourself in the direction of loving the skin you’re in, how to bust through the diet mentality, and how to truly go about doing you and living your best life. Although this book is short, it complete nails it for me!
— Amanda Dixon
In a world that profits from self-loathing, Victoria Welsby uses her uniquely defiant and comedic voice to find confidence and empowerment. An incredibly entertaining and eye-opening guide to knowing your worth and not only accepting, but loving your body.
— Katy Ho
I love Victoria’s casual but informative guide to recognizing and rejecting fatphobia in the search for self-love and self-worth. She outlines a path to freedom that so many people need in a society constantly divided by our appearances. Her honesty and humor are refreshing and fun!
— B. Nicole Tims
Empowering read to truly love yourself just as you are. You do not need to be thin to be worthy. ‘You are worthy, always have been, always will be.’ Loved it!
— Erika
Every person should read this book. It’s a step by step guide to forgetting all the things you’ve been told are “wrong” with your body and living your most fabulous life.
— Amanda Hubacek
Words that every young person needs to read before they even contemplate their first diet. Victoria sends a message of hope to everyone who is trapped in diet culture.
I loved reading this book. It forced me to challenge my ideas of being fat and eating and how neither of those things determine the type of person I am. I need to get a had copy and use it as sort of a life manual. A lot of good advice in just a few words! I can’t want to share it with my friend and fam! Also - the prom dress scenario - happened to me EXACTLY as portrayed here! Thanks for sharing and being fabulous!
— Ryann Gennari
This is a great book to start learning about and understanding fat phobia, its effects and why body/fat positivity is crucial in challenging this. An insightful look at the way in which modern society has constructed an ideal which few people fit into, leaving the majority feeling less than or worse. Some great practical advice about how to start changing the way we think about ourselves and others to challenge the body image status quo.
— Rachel Lord
Do you think fat equals unworthy? Think again! This book reveals how fat is not a bad word, it doesn’t make you a bad person, and most interestingly it doesn’t make you an unhealthy person. This book completely changes your perception of ‘fat’. Fat is purely a description, and not an insult. Victoria combines personal experiences with hints and tips on how you can love yourself and everyone else, irrelevant of size.
— Katie Konstanz