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Have you ever noticed how some people in life always seem to get what they want, achieve their goals and make magic happen? Ever wondered why and what they’re doing differently from everyone else?


I hear ya! I used to wonder that and think maybe they had some secret advantage that I could never have, like rich parents, a super easy life or hidden superpowers.


Through years of trail and error, mistakes, failures and eventually a lot of success I have realized what these weirdo’s have: confidence, tenacity and grit.


You too can become one of these goal smashing, go getting, awesome life having weirdo’s!


Do any of these statement sound familiar?

  • There is always something more important to do, it’s hard to take time to focus on my goals.
  • It’s easy to plod along in life, everything is fine, but I do feel like there is something missing.
  • I know I am not reaching my highest potential.
  • I’m scared of failing and embarrassing myself.
  • Changing my life is exciting…but also really scary, I don’t know if I can do it.
  • I’m scared of being seen, being vulnerable, putting myself out there.
  • Ugh, it just seems so hard! Where do I even start?!


If any of those statements had you saying “uh huh” then this course will help you change how you feel about yourself and what you can achieve.


There is so much noise on the internet. You’re being pulled from one solution to another when you look for help on achieving your goals. It’s hard to know which one is for you. If any of those statements resonated with you, you may have just found the solution you were looking for!


I am very proud of the content of this course as it is jam packed with incredibly powerful and proven techniques. You can relax knowing that you are with your tribe.


More than just scratching the surface, this course is a deep dive into not just goal setting but working on emotional blocks, ways we create excuses and sabotage ourselves.


This course is essential for those who want to change the pattern of behaviour that has led them to a place they are not satisfied with. Your life cannot help but being changed once you have implemented the lessons ahead.



8 weeks may seem like a big commitment but the rest of your life is a BIGGER time commitment to make to not achieving your goals and living your dreams.


Remember when you were young and you would look at 20 year olds and be like “They are sooo old!”, then you were 20 in what seemed like a nano-second. Time keeps on ticking on and it’s way less scary when you can look back and think “Wow a year ago I was scared of achieving that goal and NOW look at me; I’m a total badass”.


Wouldn’t it be great to be filled with joy and excitement when you look ahead at your life to come KNOWING that you don’t need to worry because whatever happens it will be awesome.


Back when I was homeless I couldn’t imagine getting to a different place in my life, let alone to where I am now. I couldn’t imagine not feeling lazy, dumb, ugly, unsuccessful, useless. I didn’t want to look forward or backwards as I had no hope. I couldn’t see a solution or a way forward.


I am here to tell you you can change any negative self belief into a rich life filled with love, happiness, self acceptance AND being mega successful at the same time.


There is NOTHING you cannot do and the sooner you begin to believe that the sooner your life starts flourishing.


There is a catch however. There is only one person who can make your goals and dreams come true: you. You can’t rely on someone else, or hope something will happen to you. You have to take charge and that’s scary, but you can do it! Are you ready to take a leap into your new life with me?



My Intentions

  • You will come out from this course feeling strong, capable and a big badass goal crusher!
  • The fog will be lifted and you will have laser clarity
  • For you to stop living small instead THRIVE in your life
  • For us to unravel the layers of self doubt and immobility
  • No longer feeling lost without a map or any hope
  • You feel capable of taking a leap forward and it not being earth shatteringly scary
  • You will stop doubting your greatness and not fear failure or….(gulp) success!
  • You to have the confidence to tell your inner critic to “Shut the Hell up!”
  • Most importantly, I want you to feel empowered to live the life you have always wanted and truly deserve.


What’s in the course


Everyone has a different way of learning so I combine videos, audio files, worksheets, infographics and images so that the course has maximum impact.


Even though the course is crammed full of essential information it is laid out with clear specific action items that will allow you to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed or paralyzed.


This course is designed for you to set one goal that you want to achieve in 8 weeks and then while you’re working on making that happen we will simultaneously learn how you can be an all round badass. We are in this together, I got your back and we will make this work!


What you get:

  • 2 x 30 minute personal 1-1 calls! Even though this is a group program you will have the chance to speak to me privately!
  • 6 x videos
  • 11 x workbooks
  • 2 x audio files
  • 4 x infographics
  • 2 x downloadable quote
  • 8 x weeks of support and motivation
  • Endless x possibilities for your future
  • All materials are yours to keep and review forever


Week One

  • Set your big badass goal
  • Visualisation of your future life
  • Excel workbook
  • Dream Life workbook
  • SMART Goal workbook


Week Two

  • Inner Ogre vs. Inner Superhero worksheet
  • Infographic
  • Limiting negative self beliefs, relationships, activities and how to foster and grow positive self beliefs
  • Downloadable quote to print off
  • Thoughts to Reality worksheet
  • Learn how are you going to feel when you hit your goal
  • Motivation Boost


Week Three

  • Hidden benefits of meditation infographic
  • Intro to meditation expanded
  • Time management
  • Learn how to heal your relationship with time management and feel free and calm knowing how to tackle even the largest project or goal.
  • Avoiding overwhelm and distraction
  • Creating your personal power mantra
  • Identifying ways you distract yourself from taking care of business
  • Challenge stories you’ve told yourself
  • Identifying your killer skills and offloading things you’re not great at
  • Tactics to help you stop dicking about
  • Breakdown daily tasks
  • Tactics to deal with urgent distracting thoughts


Week Four

  • Ogre knockout worksheet
  • Training your brain to believe new realities
  • Creating new and positive neural pathways
  • Bye-bye bullshit ceremony
  • Continuing your relationships with positive thoughts through your life
  • How good are you willing to let it get?
  • Understanding your frequency
  • Raising your frequency
  • How to dream big
  • Make the decision to be awesome!


Week Five

  • Learning about how gratitude and kindness benefits you
  • 20 random acts of kindness worksheet
  • Understanding grateful living
  • Why “opportunity only knocks once” isn’t true
  • The Third Path
  • Choosing how to take positivity from negative situations
  • How to keep a gratitude or happiness journal
  • Train your brain to be a positivity seeker
  • Gratitude infographic
  • The Healthy Mind Platter worksheet
  • Keeping your brain healthy


Week Six

  • Working out how terrific you already are
  • Identifying your own mental fortitude
  • Identifying your kickass achievements in the areas of: Home, relationship, career/income, health education, and other areas
  • Learning about vision boarding and why it is important
  • Creating your own vision board masterpiece
  • Worksheet
  • Visualisation for success and improve performance
  • Manifestation of core desired feelings



Week Seven

  • Learning how to kick fear in the bumhole
  • Worksheet
  • Downloadable fear conquering poster
  • Fear vs. reality
  • My favourite quote ever
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy techniques for conquering fear
  • Go scare yourself silly!


Week Eight

  • Communicating like a pro
  • How to communicate in difficult and stressful situations with ease
  • Why connection is incredibly important for your success
  • Worksheet
  • Infographic
  • How to be kick ass at non verbal communication
  • Self reflection of achievement
  • What’s next? Continuing your life like the badass I know you are!
  • Get excited thinking about your future life!

What people are saying:


Video recommendation from Composer and Pianist Dr. Michael Park.


Thanks again for this amazing opportunity to take your course and learn some really amazing new stuff. You are so inspiring and I feel so f-ing lucky that I know you. Anyway, I feel pretty badass these days and I have you to thank for it. BTW - your last video with the sparklers made me so happy. 



I believe that the main reasons for my not achieving my goals in life, not reaching a potential that deep down I know I have, not following through with plans, and giving up on myself too quickly, are rooted in various psychological blocks and negative beliefs. Combine this with a lack of direction, planning skills and perhaps approaching goals in the wrong way and with the wrong frame of mind, and it's not a recipe for success!


I soon realized I was fighting the same battle over and over again.


I knew I needed some methods to investigate and tackle my routine mental habits and beliefs. I also needed to know how to apply this specifically to approaching and completing life goals. I had come across courses that tackled one or the other: business approaches to how to plan, organize and complete tasks, or mindfulness techniques and various psychology guides. This is what initially attracted me to Bam Pow Life. It was the first 'course' I found that combined both, and with a real focus on what's going on in that big brain of yours that might be getting in your way.


The course is specifically tailored to help you practically, mentally and emotionally to complete a big life goal.


I loved the fun, light hearted and down to earth approach, but with an empowering and serious message. The communication is very personal with an emphasis on delivering the material via video tutorials as well as supplying plenty of worksheets and material to help you.


I was worried I would let myself down 'yet again' or that I would somehow fail and let Victoria down! However there is a great structure to the course that helps you plan your time, and help is at hand if needed, which is why the 'one to one' personal contact part way through is so crucial.


Victoria helped me with some practical advice and suggestions when I fell behind and lost track at one point, especially when a holiday half way through meant my initial plans fell apart.


The course covers many different aspects and I am continuing to use the methods learnt and worksheets provided in my daily life and with future goals, so you can keep applying this beyond the initial course completion.


Like anything else in life it takes a commitment from you, but I would thoroughly recommend Bam Pow Life to anyone whose self belief needs a (friendly) kick up the backside! If, like me, you're sick of being haunted by the ghosts of dreams you've given up on, you could do with Victoria in your life.




Victoria, I wanted to say that I found your session to be inspirational, necessary and fun. Your enthusiasm is contagious (in a wonderful way) and your goal-discovery techniques were simple yet effective. In making a career, it's easy to wander off the 'passion pathway,' so this was a great opportunity to devote some 'me time' to rediscover my drivers and end goals. I'm looking forward to meeting my 20-years-older self! You rock!


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