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Being Fat and Exercise

Oh, hi. It's Victoria here from BAM POW LIFE, and in this video I want to talk about movement.

You notice how I'm dressed like Beyonce in her video, Flawless? Super babe, she's my favorite. Anyway, I want to talk about how I never realized, and maybe you don't either, that movement, exercise, can be fun. I know, isn't it mad? As a fat person, I always believed that the only reason to move my body was to punish it, to make myself lose weight, to show that I am a good fatty and I exercise all the time, therefore, I am worthy. I derive no pleasure from exercise because it wasn't meant to be pleasurable, because I was punishing my body, I tried to erase it. But that shit is fucked.

I never realized this and some of you might be like, "What? Obviously, exercise can be fun." But in case you don't, one day I went to a dance class and I was like, "This is fun, what the heck? And I'm exercising and I don't care if I'm losing weight." And I realized, shut the fuck up, I've been doing this wrong the whole time. There are so many people out there who enjoy exercising but no one ever told me. I only ever learnt that I should be almost dying when I exercises, that I should feel like I want to vomit, that I should feel like death would be a better option than continuing to move my body, but that's not the way it should be.

And so now, when I move my body, I do it for fun and not to lose weight. Isn't that amazing? And so you can to. And so if you hate going to the gym ... I don't like the gym, it's boring as shit. It's okay if you do, everyone's different. But I would always go to the gym and be on the treadmill or be on the elliptical and so bored. I hated it, it was just a chore, but I thought a fat person has to go to the gym.

And now I don't go to the gym because, guess what? It's not enjoyable for me and so instead I do things like I go to dancing, I go for walks, I go for hikes, I have a bike, two bikes actually. I go to this yoga, which is called Kundalini, which is basically dancing yoga. I don't go to the types of yoga where it's in a hot room, what is that called? Hot yoga? Because I don't enjoy it. And so you can do any type of exercise that you want to do, or you can not exercise. You don't have to, right? You don't have to exercise, it's your choice.

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