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THE fierce fatty summit is here!

April 9th - April 17th

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Join 9 Fierce Fatties and your host Victoria Welsby, for inspiration, kickass confidence tips, fat love and much, much more. The best bit, it's 100% free! Aww yeah. The Fierce Fatty Summit is for anyone who wants more body confidence. By featuring interviews with fierce fat folks who love their body you will learn their secrets to feeling great, no matter your size. 


Some of the topics we cover in these video interviews are:

  • Feeling sexually confident
  • Mothering and aging
  • Fat models in high fashion
  • Fatphobia in the fat community
  • Social justice within body positivity
  • Mapping confidence
  • Self-care
  • And all speakers share how they got to feel fabulous in their fat bodies!

Sounds rad hey? It is! So save your seat, sit back and watch these incredible and inspiring speakers for the one and only Fierce Fatty Summit


Love and hugs,

Victoria Welsby


Host - The Fierce Fatty Summit