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What "Normal Eating" Looks Like

When you practice Intuitive Eating you slowly realize you’ve become a normal eater. What the hell is being a normal eater anyway and what does it look like in a real sense? Find out in this video, queen!

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Hey. It's Victoria here from Bam Pow Life. In this video, I'm talking about what normal eating looks like.

As you can see, I'm in my car, and I am just about to go into a meeting. I have a few minutes here, so I wanted to talk to you about normal eating. As I was driving to my meeting, I realized "Oh, this is what normal eating is. I should do a video about this."

In the morning, I had my breakfast as normal. Then it got to about 12:20pm and I realized that my meeting is at 1 PM, but I'm hungry and I need to leave in like 10 minutes. That's what normally happens. Not normally, but sometimes happens when you are a normal eating or intuitive eater. That you just forget to eat and then your body's like, "Bitch, you're hungry. Eat something." I realized that I needed to get something into my body quickly before I left. So, I had some hummus and these crackers. They're these fancy organic seed bullshit things. But the reason I said they're bullshit is because they're organic. I don't believe in organic. But the reason why I buy them is because, guess what? I like the taste of them and they happen to be, "healthy". Isn't that weird?

That wasn't enough, the crackers and hummus. So as I'm running to my car, I grab a granola bar and I realize that I had some chips that I had left in a baggie. So, I had some chips! But as you can see, I didn't eat them all. After a little bit, my body said, "I'm done with these chips. I don't want any more," whereas before, there's no way that I would be not eating all of the chips.

Now, my body is telling me, "Girl, you have got some tofu and carrots in your fridge. You need to be eating that." because that is what's missing from my body at the moment. All the juicy stuff that I get from carrots and tofu. Later, when I go home, I will eat some carrots and tofu, no matter what the time is. If I'm still hungry, and I still feel like it, it doesn't matter if it's going to be 3 PM by the time I get home or whatever, it's not a big deal.

That's kind of what my experience with intuitive normal eating is. There's no rules. It's just I eat what my body says. Sometimes I eat for pleasure. Sometimes I don't. This meal, kind of hodge-podge of stuff, I wasn't eating for pleasure, I was eating because my body said, "I'm hungry."I knew, that time-wise, I needed to eat something or I wouldn't be able to eat again until later. And by then I'll be starving and I'll be grumpy. It's okay to eat for pleasure, it's okay to eat to be fuelling your body, no matter what that looks like. With intuitive eating, you can just do what feels good to you, girl.

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