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Thanks for coming to spend some time with me;  I’m so glad you came!

Here at BAM POW LIFE magic happens. I believe that you are so friggin’ awesome, more awesome than you can ever imagine and I want to help you pull out that inner super hero and ignite your special powers. Whether you have some killer life goal you want to hit, or there is a dream job that you’ve convinced yourself you’re not good enough for (you are good enough for it dumdum) then I have the secret awesomesauce just for you!


Hi, I'm Victoria and I am a Confidence and Body Love Coach and the badass babe behind BAM POW LIFE. I went from being homeless, abused with self esteem that was achingly low into the courageous (and confident) boss lady and body image activist I am today. When I'm not changing the way women view themselves you can find me at University of British Columbia in my role as an Adjunct Professor.


I believe women who love their bodies and their brains will change the world!


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